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Music Lessons

Do you feel the call of music in your heart?  If you do than there is no better time than right now to begin (or continue) your musical journey!  Music is the language of the soul, and this calling is your soul wanting a deeper relationship with your consciousness... and there is nothing more enriching in this life than the ability to commune with the majesty of music.  I am completely biassed, however if you feel any truth in this than I look forward to being of service and sharing all that I have learned and cultivated over this 30 year journey as a musician myself.  

There is something really special and potent in having a teacher to expedite and facilitate the learning process. Yes, you can take the self-learning path like I did, but I don't recommend it as I truly believe (and quite clearly see now) that what took me 30 years to learn could have been condensed into 5 if I had been able to work with a teacher.  However my family was quite poor and we didn't have money to afford music lessons.  And these qualities of scarcity stayed with me for many years of my adult life.  So I walked alone, taking the long, hard path of self-learning.  It has been wonderful, and in many ways it has been a complete blessing, because I was lucky enough to have bypassed the old, out-dated, sterile and soul-crushing ways of contemporary music education and found "the back door" in the house of Mama Music herself, learning by spending the hours sitting with her, playing with her, listening and receiving her beautiful teachings.  But this took a very long time because I didn't understand her language for many, many years.  


So if I can be of any service to you on your musical journey, it is truly in teaching you how to understand how Mama Music speaks, moves, dances and sings.  The main goal of being a musician is to invoke Joy in ourselves and in the ones around us, so we will also be focusing on what brings you joy when playing music and get your skills and proficiency up to have fun and nourish your soul.  










Song Writing

Music Production

Music Performance

Musical Language (aka Music Theory)


“Blair has transformed the world of music for me, giving me the fundamental tools to learn how to express myself creatively and fluidly. By diving deep into my own personal passions and experiences he is able to draw references that are easy for me to understand and utilize. He is very attentive and aware of how I am digesting the material and rephrasing the lesson if I am not totally grasping. Blair has made the daunting journey of music exciting and accessible by moving at a reasonable pace and speaking a language that is easy to understand. I would definitely encourage anyone who wishes to learn to express, entertain and communicate through music to spend some time learning from Blair.”

~ Adina Eva

I started just taking classes with Blair this month and I have already learned so much in just a couple of lessons!  There is so much beauty in the way he teaches because he has helped me understand music in a really profound and philosophical way.  I’m truly falling for music and part of this is because of the way he teaches.  I’m also a really curious person who ask infinites questions…. And having someone who answer my questions the way Blair does has completely changed my motivation.  I've always wanted to learn music, but not just a few chords. I wanted to learn the source of how to play the guitar and how to make my songs and how to just dance with the notes.  I’m grateful to have found a music teacher like him, a teacher that is teaching me the beauty of this huge and magical language that is music.  I feel that he teaches this language with the heart and for me that’s is truly valuable 

-Isabella ✨

“Blair is an amazing teacher who radiates a true passion for helping people improve their skills as a musicians and artists. With wisdom beyond his years and multidimensional talent he always shows up with a positive attitude that’s contagious and caring. Expertly versed in all things musical (theory, philosophy, production, guitar, percussion etc.) Blair is a rare find and a consummate professional. I feel confident in saying that musicians of any skill level will benefit greatly from his tutelage.”

~Trevor Ahmed

“Blair is an incredible teacher. In just my first 1.5 hour guitar lesson with him my entire understanding of music theory was expanded and I was on my way to grasping finger picking techniques. He is extremely knowledgable, patient, thorough and provides clear explanations by relating music theory concepts to familiar knowledge and scenarios. If you want to make the leap from an average guitar player to a true musical artist, take lessons from Blair!”

~Margot Kimmel


75min in length

Online or in-person

Having your own instrument in highly recommended

$60-85 sliding scale

Low-income options available



Ready to become the musician you've always dreamt of? Get in touch to learn more.

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