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Singing Circle Mentorship

Do you feel the call to hold a singing circle in your own community but don't know how or where to start?  I was once there myself!  But now after 5 years of holding singing circles I am feeling really strong and confident in my own practice and would love to help you bring your dream and calling into reality, with grace and ease.  

A singing circle leader weaves together musicality, personality, encouragement, inspiration, fun, engagement, vulnerability, and most importantly, they are great at holding space!  Some of these qualities might come naturally to you, and some might take years to develop, practice and refine.  This is all part of the personal journey you are now on and holding singing circles is as much for you as it is for the participants who join you!  It's such a special spiritual path, at least it is for me, and has shown and taught me SOOOO much about myself, allowing me to grow into a much great version of myself.  

The best way to begin is simply to begin.  For some that might be booking a date for your first circle and for others it might be learning your first guitar chord and learning your first song.  We are all at different places along the path, no one better than the other.  And if I can be of any assistance to making this journey a little easier, a little lighter, and a little more fun, then please reach out as I would love to help you become the best singing circle leader you can possibly become!


After five weeks, sharing space in Blair’s unique, welcoming, inspiring and incredibly fun Vocal Freedom Singing Circle, I did the unimaginable!  I sang solo in public.  My trip to the local Karaoke bar, my first time doing anything like that in 46 years, was, without question, a direct result of the Courage, Permission, Passion and, yes, Freedom that Blair and the circle re-awakened inside me.  I will be forever grateful for that.  

- Jordan Roberts



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