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Vocal Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your voice with the experienced guidance and proven techniques I have learned and developed over the course of my own two-decade vocal journey.  Studying with renowned voice teachers such as Amit Carmelli, Uria Tsur, Karina Scheld and Jonathan Goldman, I have received a wide range of tools to assist any aspiring vocalist on their personal vocal journey and I have been blessed to develop an intrinsic sensitivity into reading the energy of each student and what specific exercise or practice they require to break through their current blocks and limiting patterns.

These sessions are very special as they are not just the usual, contemporary voice lessons that many of us have tried in the past, however they are a unique personal mix of deep, powerful healing practices such as "shamanic" energy work, belief system reprogramming, emotional counselling, and inner alchemical repatterining to free you from the self-limiting anchors and blocks of the past and break through to achieve vocal freedom!  Another name I like to use for these sessions is "Vocal Alchemy Activations" because of the inner transformation that occurs... turning the dense inner "lead" that weighs us down and creates the doubt and fear to share the voice into the radiant spiritual "gold" that inspires nothing less than a desire to shine bright like the sun and share our voice freely with joy!


"I have been searching for four years to find relief from the trauma-induced chronic tension in my body, along with an inability to take a deep breath. I am a somatic therapist and former yoga teacher, so I have a lot of tools already at my disposal, but nothing was significantly shifting my unconscious breath-holding and hyper-arousal. Then I attended a Vocal Freedom workshop with Blair, and about halfway through, I felt my spiritual heart open, and heard my own voice soar. By the end, I was breathing fully. I was amazed, as I have always been a shy singer, and I had not felt my spirit in my body for years. I attended another singing circle with Blair and again felt my voice open up in a new way, and moved into a familiar, meditative state that had long been eluding me. I booked a one-on-one session with Blair to learn more. He expertly wove together active listening, vocal experiments, music theory, and spiritual guidance that brought me back to my Self.  Blair is genuine, kind, and sincere, and I highly recommend him as a guide and healer."

- Swarn Hardy, RCC

"The space Blair holds oozes with so much love, respect, kindness, gentleness and compassion along with an intuitive presence that seems to speak straight from his heart to yours. I am not sure that i have ever felt so honored, heard, witnessed and respected in such a healing and transformational way. His sessions are relaxing, healing and transformational on so many levels, and his presence and intuitive nature take you on a journey through your own unique healing path, and leave you in a soft warm glow with one of the most smooth and gentle integrations i have ever experienced. If you feel drawn in any way to reconnect with your voice, your heart, or simply for any healing agenda at all, his magic is well worth the time. I feel blessed to have been able to experience his awesomeness and would like to share that opportunity with any of you who feel called to check it out. Thanks again Blair!!!  With deep gratitude for showing me what it feels like to be treated like a goddess and witnessed with love and compassion. 

-Pamela Bartling, Edmonton


90min in length

Online or in-person

No singing experience necessary

$60-90 sliding scale

Low-income options available


Ready to shine your voice like the sun? Get in touch to learn more.

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