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Vocal Freedom Circles

Vocal Freedom workshops are a fun, safe, and interactive musical experience designed to open the heart and free the voice!   They are a play-ground to explore, exercise, develop, hone, strengthen, refine, and fall in love with our own personal voice.  It's like joining a choir with none of the commitments and all the benefits!  Participants learn to breath deeply and to let go with ease and grace. They learn to soften, allowing the creative energy of "Mama Music" to enter their temple and guide their voice, teaching them from the inside-out!  They also learn to actively listen and receive the subtleties of the environment around us, to "here" with our entire body which allows us to come into true harmony with the outside world. 

We circle together to explore our voices, with the goal to experience complete freedom of our voice AND our heart since they are so intimately linked together.  I guide us in vocal warmups and exercises using my acoustic guitar (and often accompanied with a couple other musician friends) and then begin introducing simple melodies to sing along too, focusing a lot on what we call the three awareness: breathing, softening, hearing.  We eventually introduce songs/chants with words, always beautiful heart music with positive affirmations and uplifting lyrics that is easy to follow along too, and sometimes we get into a mantra or kirtan too.  People are encouraged to explore themselves through singing, making sounds, laughing, crying, sighing, and dancing if they wish.  Participants are usually blown quite wide open by the end of the experience, and it's a wonderful way to strengthen the unique connections and bonds within a community!  


After five weeks, sharing space in Blair’s unique, welcoming, inspiring and incredibly fun Vocal Freedom Singing Circle, I did the unimaginable!  I sang solo in public.  My trip to the local Karaoke bar, my first time doing anything like that in 46 years, was, without question, a direct result of the Courage, Permission, Passion and, yes, Freedom that Blair and the circle re-awakened inside me.  I will be forever grateful for that.  

- Jordan Roberts

"I have been searching for four years to find relief from the trauma-induced chronic tension in my body, along with an inability to take a deep breath. I am a somatic therapist and former yoga teacher, so I have a lot of tools already at my disposal, but nothing was significantly shifting my unconscious breath-holding and hyper-arousal. Then I attended a Vocal Freedom workshop with Blair, and about halfway through, I felt my spiritual heart open, and heard my own voice soar. By the end, I was breathing fully. I was amazed, as I have always been a shy singer, and I had not felt my spirit in my body for years. I attended another singing circle with Blair and again felt my voice open up in a new way, and moved into a familiar, meditative state that had long been eluding me. I booked a one-on-one session with Blair to learn more. He expertly wove together active listening, vocal experiments, music theory, and spiritual guidance that brought me back to my Self.  Blair is genuine, kind, and sincere, and I highly recommend him as a guide and healer."

- Swarn Hardy, RCC



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