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Blair Francis • EPK

Blair Francis is a Canadian singer-songwriter and ceremonial musician who chooses to use his music and lyrics to uplift and awaken the hearts and souls of his fellow spiritual brothers and sisters all around the world.  His music reflects his spiritual journey, exploring Yoga, Permaculture, Gnostic Christianity, Plant Medicine, Breathwork, Community Living, and Oneness.  He weaves together sonic landscapes, a mix of acoustic folk, funky blues, spanish-inspired fingerpicking, and reggae, that are deeply moving, emotionally real, and divinely inspired.  Whether performing for a dance floor or crafting music for an intimate ceremony, Blair has the ability to listen to his surroundings and bring forth the appropriate expression for that unique, once-in-a-lifetime container.


He has a sincere love for all music that celebrates and supports a world of Peace, Love and Harmony for all beings including Mantras, Medicine Songs, Kirtan, Rainbow Songs, Devotional Hymns, as well as his own original composed songs that alchemize all of these styles.  As a skilled spiritual journeyman, yoga teacher, breathwork guide and certified sound healer, his ability to facilitate and hold space is both appreciated and respected.


Blair holds a deep reverence for all things as all things are sacred, and holds a deep desire for the ancient truth to our incredible human history to be restored to us.  He is also a beloved music teacher, vocal-empowerment coach, animal lover, health-food practitioner, yogi, student of Gnosis, and he absolutely loves to help others grow on their own spiritual and musical journey.


Blair has developed four main offerings to bring a range of experiences to your event

Live-Looped "Prayer-formance"

Blair's musical journey has guided him to a place where songwriting and spirituality meet, where temples and stages blur between realities, and where catchy lyrical melodies merge with heartfelt prayer.  Combining a mix of Folk, Reggae, Blues, Funk and Latin-American Medicine Music, Blair's unique offering become a powerful and emotionally moving musical experience that opens hearts, changes minds, and connects souls.  As a poet and songwriter Blair pulls from his unique view on the world, as well as his spiritual path, to bring forth new musical medicine songs for our emerging culture of compassion. He also draws upon an extensive collection of popular medicine songs, mantras, and rainbow chants to fill out his uplifting, engaging, and deeply nourishing musical sets.

With Musicians

Vocal Freedom Singing Circles & Workshops

Vocal Freedom workshops are a fun, safe, and interactive musical experience designed to open the heart and free the voice!   They are a play-ground to explore, exercise, develop, hone, strengthen, refine, and fall in love with our own personal voice.  It's like joining a choir with none of the commitments and all the benefits!  Participants learn to breath deeply and to let go with ease and grace. They learn to soften, allowing the creative energy of "Mama Music" to enter their temple and guide their voice, teaching them from the inside-out!  They also learn to actively listen and receive the subtleties of the environment around us, to "here" with our entire body which allows us to come into true harmony with the outside world. 

Cacao Ceremony with Medicine Song Singalong

Everybody loves chocolate, but not everybody realizes the sacred plant medicine that cacao actually is, and the rich history it holds as a heart-opening tool used for thousands of years in ceremony and community gatherings.  Blair typically collaborates with the hosts and event coordinators in creating a beautiful cacao ceremony in which he offers beautiful acoustic music during the pouring, elegant guidance into the communion with the spirit of Cacaocita and the first taste of this plant medicine, and then heart-opening medicine songs that are easy to sing along and dance to.

Live Music for Breathwork & Yoga

Two of the most influential and life-changing practices for Blair has been the practice and study of both Yoga (since 2010) and Conscious Connected Breathing (since 2012) and because of this long, rich relationship he loves to merge the love and dedication of his musical practice into these healing spaces, lending his developed sensitivities to the facilitators and creating a magical and memorable experience for the participants. 





It was such a pleasure having you come perform and share at Envision (Wellness Festival).  People have been gushing about your offerings - you are truly medicine!  So beautiful.  We're super grateful you came all that way to share with us.  You're amazing!!

~ Michaela (Enliven Wellness Festival Organizer)

I attended a Vocal Freedom workshop with Blair and about halfway through I felt my spiritual heart open and heard my own voice soar.  I was amazed, as I have always been a shy singer, and I had not felt my spirit in my body for years.  He expertly wove together active listening, vocal experiments, music theory, and spiritual guidance that brought me back to my Self.  Blair is genuine, kind, and sincere, and I highly recommend him as a guide and healer.

~ Swarn Hardy, RCC 

After five weeks of sharing space in Blair's unique, welcoming, inspiring and very very fun Vocal Freedom singing circle, I did the unimaginable:  I sang solo in public!   My trip to the local karaoke bar (my first time doing anything like that in 46 years) was without question, a direct result of the courage, permission, passion and, yes, freedom that Blair and the circle re-awakened inside me.  I will be forever grateful for that.

~ Jordan Roberts


Career Highlights

Feb 2023 - Live music for Jose Reynoso's breathwork ceremony, Costa Rica

Jan 2023 - Perform with Luke Kohen @ ManaFest (Online Benefit Concert)

NYE 2023 - Perform with Noelani Love, Sam Garrett & Mose, Uvita, Costa Rica

Nov 2023 - Vocal Freedom West-Coast tour

Aug 2023 - Organized & Performed @ 3rd Annual Concert on the Canal, SSI

Aug 2023 - Performed @ Enliven Wellness Festival

Aug 2023 - Vocal Freedom Workshop @ Enliven Wellness Festival

July 2023 - Performed @ Transition Salt Spring's Appreciation Gala

July-Oct 2023 - Host weekly Songwriter Showcase @ Mateada, SSI

April 2023 - Performed @ Earth Day Celebrations, SSI

Mar 2023 - Performed @ Mateada's Grand Re-Opening

Mar-May 2023 - Opened for "Village of Lovers" documentary (Courtenay, SSI, Duncan & Vic)

Dec 2022 - Reached 1000 subscribers on Youtube

Dec 2022 - Released “This Precious Gift” EP (as The New Seeds)

Sept 2022 - Organized and performed @ 2nd Annual Concert on the Canal, SSI

Aug 2022 - Performed @ Summer Outdoor Concert Series, SSI

July 2022 - Performed @ Garlic Festival, SSI 

July 2022 - Performed @ Heart of Tantra Festival 

Mar 2022 - Facilitated first Vocal Freedom weekend workshop

Jan 2022 - Mar 2023 - Perform @ Essene Church Online Service

Nov 2021-Dec 2023 - Hold weekly Vocal Freedom Singing Circle

Aug 2020 - Organized & Performed @ 1st Annual Concert on the Canal, SSI

Mar 2021 - Released “Live @ the Mateada” EP (as Elisa & Blair)

Mar 2021 - Released “Jai Shiva Om” EP

Feb 2021 - Released “Saraswati Dreaming” EP

July 2020 - Release “Desert Musings” EP

Feb 2020 - Released “Ocean of Abundance” EP (as Elisa & Blair)

Feb 2020 - performed @ Cabo BreathFest

Dec 2019 - Artist residency @ Buena Fortuna, Baja Sur, Mexico

October 2019 - Elisa & Blair Farewell SSI Concert, SSI 

June 2019 - Performed @ Heart of Tantra Festival


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whatsapp:  +1 778 678 6339

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