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Whether it’s an engaging Vocal Freedom circle, a transformational
breathwork ceremony,
or an evening of cacao and uplifting song and dance, Blair Francis consistently delivers an enriching experience that invites people to enter into a state of direct connection to the Universal energy of all living beings often known as Prana, Chi, Life-force, Source, God/Goddess, or the Divine.
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Blair Francis is a Canadian singer-songwriter and ceremonial musician who chooses to use his music and lyrics to uplift and awaken the hearts and souls of his fellow spiritual brothers and sisters all around the world.  His music reflects his spiritual journey, exploring Yoga, Permaculture, Gnostic Christianity, Plant Medicine, Breathwork, Community Living, and Oneness.  He weaves together sonic landscapes, a mix of acoustic folk, funky blues, spanish-inspired fingerpicking, and reggae, that are deeply moving, emotionally real, and divinely inspired.  Whether performing for a dance floor or crafting music for an intimate ceremony, Blair has the ability to listen to his surroundings and bring forth the appropriate expression for that unique, once-in-a-lifetime container.


He has a sincere love for all music that celebrates and supports a world of Peace, Love and Harmony for all beings including Mantras, Medicine Songs, Kirtan, Rainbow Songs, Devotional Hymns, as well as his own original composed songs that alchemize all of these styles.  As a skilled spiritual journeyman, yoga teacher, breathwork guide and certified sound healer, his ability to facilitate and hold space is both appreciated and respected.


Blair holds a deep reverence for all things as all things are sacred, and holds a deep desire for the ancient truth to our incredible human history to be restored to us.  He is also a beloved music teacher, vocal-empowerment coach, animal lover, health-food practitioner, yogi, student of Gnosis, and he absolutely loves to help others grow on their own spiritual and musical journey.


Since his Sound Healing certification with Jonathan Goldman in 2012, Blair has had many privileged opportunities to work and learn from some of the worlds most influential sound healing pioneers of our time including Amit Carmelli, Kai Lehrke, Vickie Dodd, Laraaji, Karina Schelde, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, and Michael Stillwater.  It was actually during one of Kai Lehrke’s Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys that Blair heard the call to steward the didgeridoo and to carry on the age-old tradition of creating Sacred Sound space for people - assisting others release and heal deeply buried energetic holdings that sound vibration has an amazing way of bringing to the surface. 

Blair began his sound healing practice by creating live music soundscapes for his friends' weekly breathwork sessions in Edmonton, which quickly gave him the eyes and ears to hone into the unique group dynamics of the circle, and the understanding of how his music altered the flow of the session.  Fast forward four years, after having become attuned to the power of breathing, Blair decided to become a certified breathwork facilitator himself, and in 2016 he began training with Robin Clements, founder of Breathwave.  With Robin's vast experience with Breathwork, and his focus on the ceremonial aspect to the experience, Blair fell in love with Robin's techniques and teachings and became a certified Level 3 Breathwave group facilitator.  Blair now holds his own regular breathwork ceremonies where he combines his continuously growing knowledge of breath and pranayama techniques with his unique ability to create and space as a ceremonial musician.



Out of all places in the world that one could be introduced to the blissful experience of the group chanting experience from India called Kirtan, it was in a small underground kiva at Noorish Yoga in Edmonton, Alberta that Blair found himself elating for the first time by the chants to Shiva, Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, and the Divine Mother.  Blair knew without a doubt that he had fallen in love and felt a true inspiration to learn all that he could about this ancient and exotic style of music so that one day he too could lead Kirtan the way he had just experienced it - to share with others it's most remarkable and magical ability to open our deepest parts to unconditional love through devotion and Bhakti Yoga.   

When Blair moved to Salt Spring Island, BC in 2014, he soon joined the kirtan community at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, and there his desire to learn about Bhakti Yoga was met, and was regularly guided by their amazing elders in how to lead a really transformational, and transcendental kirtan experience.  Here he played percussion in the kirtan band for over 3 years, and as time unfolded, he would be called to lead a song during the weekly Satsang.  He eventually moved to the Centre, living there for a full year and diving deep into the classical teachings of Yoga, including practicing Sanskrit, uncovering the stories behind the various Hindu deities we sing to in Kirtan, and more importantly learning the way of life of a dedicated Bhakti Yogi. 


Bio coming soon!  

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