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Vocal Freedom Singing Circle

Explore the freedom of your voice in a fun and safe musical container!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $10-25
  • Ganges Yoga Studio, SSI


Vocal Freedom Experiences are a fun, safe, and interactive musical experience designed to open your heart and free your voice! They are a play-ground to explore, uncover, exercise, develop, hone, strengthen, refine, and fall in love with your own personal voice. It's like joining a choir with no committments, no practicing or previous experience required, no specific notes to follow, and most importantly... NO RIGHT OR WRONG!! A revolutionary concept in the world of modern music and you are invited to come play with us!! With the power of music from our four-piece band "The New Seeds" guiding the way, we begin our journey together with simple musical warmups that are easy to follow and super activating, allowing us all to open up our voices as well as our hearts, as there is very little separation between the two. As we open our hearts and soften our minds, our voices begin to emerge, letting go of old stories, old patterns, old feelings, old blockages, etc. that hold us back from becoming the full expression of the voice within. This work engages deeply with our trust faculties and asks of us to trust the inner guidance within (often called Spirit, Source, Higher Self, God/Goddess, Life). We learn to breath deeply and to let go with ease and grace. We learn to soften, allowing the creative energy of "Mama Music" to enter our temple and guide our voice, teaching us from the inside-out! We also learn to actively listen and receive the subtleties of the environment around us, to "here" (as in here and now) with our entire body which allows us to come into true harmony with the outside world. As above, so as below. As within, so as without... the more we practice these simple states of awareness the more our personal voice becomes relaxed, powerful and harmonious. After warming up we enter into beautiful and heart-centred songs including mantras, kirtans, rainbow chants, songs of devotion, etc that allow us to continue practicing these three awarenesses while practicing the power of positive affirmations within the lyrics. As the evening progresses you are more than welcome to get up and dance to the incredible and uplifting music. You are encouraged to simply BE YOU!!... to sing, dance, roll around, laugh, cry, and whatever else you need to experience the FREEDOM OF YOUR VOICE (which is really a reflection of the freedom of your heart and soul!!) If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! With Love and Light, Blair

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  • Ganges Yoga Studio, Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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